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Numerology and Nameology

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Numerology and Nameology

1. What are Numbers?

Numbers are like Magnets that influence our life as each number is governed by a planet.

2. What if your name vibrates on a Unlucky Number ?

Unlucky number attracts Negativity, sorrows, miseries, impediments, obstacles, expenses, debts, setbacks in health and in extreme cases accidents, widowhood etc.

3. How does Name set in a Lucky Number help ?

Name in a Lucky Number attracts Money, Name, Fame, Prosperity, Peace and Happiness, brings good friends, promotions, growth and success in career etc. In short, Lucky Number attracts abundant divince positive energy.

4. Why even after setting a Name in Lucky Number, some see immediate tangible results while others see No Change in their lives?

Numbers ruled by planets are only one of the parameters ruling your life.

The general strength of a horoscope, running Dasa Bhukti, Gochara effects etc. also influence your life.

Still, changing Name to a Number ruled by a functional benefic yogakaraka planet, will definitely help.

5. Why change spelling of my Name ?

Each Number is ruled by a particular planet and your life is ruled by the planets.

In your horoscope, some planets may be so placed that they become strong functional benefics ( gives Luck and Fortune) while others may be weak, afflicted and malefic.

If your Name is set to vibrate on strong functional benefic planet, you will be blessed with fortune, good health, peace and happiness.

6. What is in a Name ?

People call you by your name daily and all through your life thousand and lakhs of times. Name creates vibrations. Lucky Name on Lucky Number creates positive vibrations around you and you attract abundant positive divine forces which is nothing but good friends, good luck, peace and happiness.

7. HOW to set the right name ?

Your date of birth and horoscope has to be throughly analysed before setting the name.

Meaning of Name, pronunciation, towering effect, right sequence of alphabets etc. are some of the many other parameters to be set correctly.


A large number of clients seeks Srikanth's advice for LUCKY BABY NAMES as per ASTRO-NUMEROLOGY.

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