Astrologer's Profile

    CNR Srikanth is an ASTROLOGER AND NUMEROLOGIST and was in the panel of astrologers  for world famous Indian website- CNR Srikanth is currently, in the panel of astrologers of  Express Star Teller (the astrology magazine of the INDIAN EXPRESS Group).

Contact : Phone: 9790829214

C N R Srikanth is a Hereditary Vedic Astrologer and hails from an orthodox Brahmin family of Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu, India. His father Dr. A. V. Natarajan and Grand Father, Pandit Vaidyanatha Iyer had great knowledge of Astrology. Mantras. Knowledge of Vedas and Chanting of Mantras is a family tradition

CNR Srikanth based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, studied in the best convents in India and is a blend of modern thinking and the Vedic traditions of his forefathers

Vedic Astrologer, Srikanth had the good fortune to learn astrology from a young age from his father, paternal Uncle and grandfather, Shri Vaidyanathan Iyer.

Srikanth is also well versed in Numerology.  He knows  Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil and English.

Vedic Astrologer, Srikanth suggests correct astrological remedies for all kinds of problems in Life, the remedies suggested done sincerely gives definite results.

Srikanth has a rich experience of more than 25 years in Predictive Astrology.

Astrology is not just a Science but a Divine Science and requires Divine Grace and Intuition. Astrologer Srikanth is very well known for his extraordinary power of intuition as he chants the gayatri mantra daily.  Srikanth is a Gayatri Mantra Upasakar and is guided by the omnipotent , omnipresent Goddess GAYATRI who is the residing Devi of SUN who gives light and nourishment to all living beings of our Mother Earth

For the last 15 years, Srikanth is an Consultant Astrologer for M/s Vasantham Marriage Service, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Astrologer Srikanth contributes articles regularly for Express Star Teller Magazine ( an astrology magazine of the Indian Express group)

C.N.R. Srikanth is also a Leading Numerologist and has helped change the lives of many of his clients world over, suggesting LUCK NAMES and LUCKY DATES and LUCKY NAMES

Clients all over the world consult Numerologist Srikanth for LUCKY Baby Names

Astrologer C.N.R. Srikanth is much sought after by Bank Managers, Merchant Bank Executives, Software Professionals, Investment Consultants, Managing Directors, CEOs, NRIs, Film Personalities, Leading Businessman and Corporates ‚Äč